Pandemic Delay Schedule In Affect
US Release Date Changes



New temporary schedule changes are provided by our distribution channels. All imports are affected. With the recent surge in mail order demands. Factory capacity issue. The CDC & Local County Level social distance guidance in practice at the workplace. Also, months of cargo seaport traffics congestion happening by the shore. All originally scheduled releases in the US are now experiencing approximately 1-2 months delays minimum until the seaport condition improves in the coming months. When? you ask. We honestly do not have the answer to that at the moment. We do apologize for this unforeseen condition around the globe. We will report back with new announcement as the situation improves in the near term.
Thank you for your patience.



*Payment options are pay in full or a $5.00 refundable deposit. Prices, specifications, and release dates are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in currency or manufacturer delay.

*Pre-order are accepted on a first come first served bases. Customer who paid in full will have priority with allotment. Pre-order of product may closed without notice.

*Pre-order availability The best chance to secure a pre-order item is to pay in full, and order before the pre-order due date.

*Manufacture Cancellation In an event of cancellation by manufacture, a full refund will be issue out.

(Cancelling a pre-order)

*You may cancel a pre-order at any time. However, excessive pre-order cancellation will be subject to account closure.

*Account detected with abnormal purchasing patterns or suspicious payment activities is subject to closure or hold without advance notice. Any outstanding orders during this period are subject to termination in this scenario.