ARTFX J - Ghost in the Shell ARISE: Motoko Kusanagi 1/8 Complete Figure(Released)

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Product Description

- - Are whisper so. My ghost.

- Near future information network and the cyborg technology is developed. Past of a `rogue's` we draw a trajectory to be a `Ghost in the Shell` than [Ghost in the Shell ARISE], hero [Motoko Kusanagi] is appeared in ARTFX J series!
- Connected the plug in the body, figure to set up a snub nose revolver with cool eyes, beautifully express her mysterious atmosphere is systemic prosthetic body!
- And modeling and pulled attention until she reaches in and have pedestal and plug of details that stool, and favors a more view of the world.
- Send in the overwhelming quality [ARTFX J Motoko Kusanagi]. Please check to take your hand by all means.

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