Spin Blade 1.1mm-1.4mm GH-SB-11-14 (set of 4)

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Product Description

*GodHand Power Pin Vise (NOT INCLUDED)*

  • The best drill blades specially for modeling and focusing on function to use with pin vise.

Drill bit set of 4: 1.1mm/1.2mm/1.3mm/1.4mm
You can make a flat bottom hole by drilling with Spin Blade!
Not only for making flat bottom hole, but also can use as precision chisels
from 1.1mm to 1.4mm diameter in diameter.

*When you use Spin Blade for drilling a hole, ensure that making a pilot hole with a drill of same diameter first.

To avoid brakeage,
: Put pre-hole when making a hole with this product.
: Do not push this product when you spin it to make a hole, please do it with only it's weight.


Products description
Size of blades: 1.1mm, 1.2mm、1.3mm、1.4mm diameter.
Contents: 4 blades (each size of blades)
Size of shank: 3mm diameter
Made in Japan
Material: Special cutlery steel
Case: PP
The design specifications of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
“If you use in wrong way, the blades may break.
When you use it as a drill, you need a pilot hole.”
When you use as a drill, do not push with excessive force and use the weight of spin blades and pin vise themselves.
Please apply anti-rust oil to prevent getting rusted.

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