The Five Star Stories - The KNIGHT of GOLD Type D MIRAGE 1/100 Plastic Injection Kit

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Product Description

The real winner has arrived! The quintessence of the new ABSOMEC mechanism in your hands!

"K.O.G." with Buster Launcher equipped is finally available at IMS!
In the year 2988 of the star cluster's history, the unveiling of Fatima took place on the planet Adler, and the state in which the buster launcher was equipped when Sop (Amaterasu) took this unit to rescue Lachesis from that venue is fully reproduced by plastic injection.
While pushing the limits of injection molding, the new ABSOMEC (Absolute Mechanism) technology is used to create an innovative movable model that is easy for anyone to assemble.
The Knight of Gold continues to play an active role in the history of the story as a "super robot" that transcends everything in its unique position, and we hope you will enjoy its charm in the model.

[Product Description]

1/100 scale
Plastic Injection Kit
Sculpted by
ZOUKEI-MURA F.S.S. Project Team
Height 355 mm, Width 153 mm, Depth 199 mm
Buster Launcher Length 610 mm
Number of Parts
Heels (upright and deployed selectable), 2 Swords, Left and Right Fists (1 each), Left and Right Flat Hands (1 each), Left and Right Weapon Holding Hands (1 each), Decal, Screws, O-Rings