IMS AUGE ARSCULS 1/100 Plastic Injection Kit Five Star Stories FSS

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Scale: 1/100 scale

Specifications: Plastic Injection Kit
Sculpted by: ZOUKEI-MURA F.S.S. Project Team
Size: Height approx. 252 mm, Width approx. 276 mm, Depth approx. 247 mm
Number of Parts: 367
Face Part x 2, Stabilizer x 2 (Long and Short), Real Sword & Light Sword (1 Each), Left and Right Fisted Hand (1 each), Left and Right Basic Hand (1 each), Sword Holding Hand (Right Hand Only), Fixed Joint Parts (for Hip Joint, Knee, Ankle), Decals


The long-awaited IMS version of the "Auge Arsculs" with the "A" number of the Knights of Mirage!

The lineage of the Imperial Knight K.O.G., the "Prototype Knight of Gold," finally makes its appearance in IMS!
Although the Auge Arsculs is a prototype MH, its performance is similar to that of the K.O.G. and L.E.D. Mirage. Before the establishment of the Knights of the Mirage, Amaterasu built two MHs at the same time in the same base format for Hierarchy.
The one that Hierarchy chose became the Water Dragon (Schpertor), and the other was equipped with the Auger Binder and completed for Kaien.
After Hierarchy's death, Kaien chose to inherit the Schpertor, but the remaining Auge Arsculs was moved to Adler's Baranshay residence, where it was used to support the development of the Mirage series and Fatima's training.
It is said that the vast amount of data from this time was returned to the Mirage series and K.O.G. Please enjoy the charm of the "Prototype Knight of Gold," which is also Schpertor's brother, in the model as well.

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